International Drivers Document

The International Driver Document or International Driver’s License issued by ID Card Center is an official translation of a national or domestic driver's license, which allows the motorist to drive in different territories without experiencing difficulties with various language barriers. This International Driver’s License, however, is valid only with the original driver's license, which must be currently valid and not suspended or expired. The International Drivers License also indicates that you are a holder of a valid drivers license from your country, fulfilling the right for a person to drive abroad when accompanied by an original and valid driver's license. The authorization for the International Drivers License has its basis in the United Nation conventions on Road Traffic and Safety held in 1923, 1943, 1949 and 1968, which established standards for the International Driving permit.



International Driver's License allows you to travel abroad with confidence. The IDL is recognized worldwide as a valuable document identifying you as a properly licensed motorist. No test is required, however, you must have a valid Driver's License and be 18 years of age or older in order to qualify. The International Drivers License can be used as a recognizable backup form of identification in most places worldwide. It is common if a police officer for any reason stops you, or you need to provide some additional form of identification, you may present both documents: your valid driver's license and IDL, which is translated in multiple languages and at least can be understood. Travel officials in Europe and other parts of the world state that International Driving License is advised for most countries. In many countries worldwide, you are unable to rent a vehicle unless you have this document. While the IDL is not a requirement for driving in some countries, it is still great advantage for a motorist. Whether you travel on business, vacation or honeymoon travel, the International Drivers License is recommended by most countries, and mandated by many; for driving, and car or bike rental.

Our IDL include the following 2 documents: translation of International Drivers License presented in a form of a passport size booklet translated into 9 international languages.
For security cause, the plastic card in size of a credit card accompanies the booklet, which also extends driver's identity information. To avoid any forgery - every plastic card is covered by our Security Shield Hologram which protects and prolongs life of the card eliminating possibility of any counterfeit.
Every plastic card contains newly developed 2D barcode (PDF417) which stores encrypted information and is fully readable by police scanners.

Note: The International Driver's Document issued by IDL Service is an official translation of a national or domestic driver's license. You are not permitted to present IDL as the main document because it is only a translation of your original driver's license. This International Driver's License, however, is valid only with the original driver's license, which must be currently valid...


The Governments of the following states were represented at the conference by the delegation:

Afghanistan Greece Peru
Algeria Holy See Philippines
Argentina Hungary Poland
Australia India Portugal
Austria Indonesia Republic of Korea
Belgium Indonesia Iran Republic of Korea Romania
Brazil Iran Romania
Bulgaria Israel San Marino
Byelorussian Republic Italy Saudi Arabia
Canada Japan Spain
Central African Republic Kenya Sudan
Chile Kuwait Sweden
China Liberia Switzerland
Costa Rica Libya Thailand
Cyprus Luxembourg Turkey
Czechoslovakia Malaysia Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
Denmark Mali Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Dominican Republic Mali Mexico United Arab Republic
Ecuador Mexico United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Federal Republic of Germany Finland Monaco United States of America
Finland Netherlands Venezuela
France Nigeria Yugoslavia
Gabon Northern Ireland
Ghana Norway


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